Hello We are hoping somebody might have a chicken friend for my one lonely hen. She had a buddy, but the buddy died and now she's alone and mopey. It's so sad to watch her pecking the ground alone. We all would appreciate if anyone might have one that wouldn't mind joining her. Many thanks for reading.
I new to citizens band radio and have no money and am looking for cb equipment for free base stations, antennas, push up poles, mounts, etc. If anybody is willing to help me out. Thank you
I have 4 cats ranging from 2 months to 6 months. They are very active and need a climbing and scratching surface. But I also don't have a car, so I would need to either pick it up by bus, or hope someone is VERY VERY nice and takes pity on my poor understimulated kitties.
In need of any maternity clothes please.
I am learning how to knit and cannot afford the supplies. If you have any yarn, needles, or even a loom, that would be very helpful. I have 3 pairs of never worn, size 10 boots I can trade. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
Have a friend of mine who in need of financial help. I set up a donations page. If can and willing to help, go to www.gofundme.com/14qaj0 . Thank you for your time.
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